Dragonbone Chair

Recently I picked Dragonbone Chair by Tad Williams, which is the first book of 3 part series – Memory, Sorrow and Thorn. This book chronicles how Simon an unassuming kitchen boy of Hayholt turns a warrior and how his life gets entangled with a whole bunch of other characters such as Binabik the troll and princess Miriamelle. This ragtag of heroes gets thrown into multitude of dangers from which they escape just so that they live on to face another one. Tad Williams weaved a wonderful fantasy that is so gripping that I could not put the book down until I finally finished it.

The book involves many subplots that will take the reader along crisscross of journeys with enthralling characters. Stories of the Trolls, the Sithi,  the League of the scroll and Naglimund are particularly very interesting and fascinating. Tad Williams narration is so powerful that I can literally see the magnificence of the Osten Ard in its beautiful misty forests, vast snow lands, brilliant cities of forgotten Sithi, the sorrowful yet terrifying story of Ineluki.  However I must say that if you are looking for Harry Potterish magic you will be disappointed. On the other hand if you enjoy characters of depth, narration that takes on roller coaster like ride through many subplots that this book treasures then you are in for a sumptuous feast of epic fantasy.

Now I am in the middle of the second book – “The Stone of Farewell” and I will be writing about it when I finish it. Now it is time for me to get back to my book.