To get over with my vacansopapurosophobia I have decided to start the blog with a post about my trip to Homestead Farm in Maryland. Ganesh and his family were a great company and were very sweet to offer me ride and plenty of food  while my own family is in India enjoying their summer vacation (can’t wait to join them). It was a nice day with plenty of overcast clouds with occasional slight drizzle. I was very eager to experiment with my new Canon 40D and the day was perfect.

It was supposed to be a cherry picking trip, but as it was last day of the season not many cherries were left to be picked. However peach season was about to begin and those plants were looking very colorful. Overall the farm was pretty good and I sure will visit with my family in near future. Now that I have blabbered a bit let me conclude the post with a couple of pictures that I took during the trip and I am proud of. 🙂

I have some more snaps that are pretty decent I believe, but I may need permission from Ganesh to use some of those as some of them include his kids. By the way, while I was missing my own kids I had pretty good time with Siddharth and Sadhika during my trip. They are just adorable.